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Healthy habits for the mind and for the body

1. Keep moving.  Whether it's walking steps in your home, or walking outside with a mask; whatever you can do to move your body.  Exercise helps.

2. Take breaks from screens.  Even though working from home or schooling from home means a lot of screen time, scheduling breaks can allow time to connect with feelings and check in with what you need.

3. Check in with yourself.  Do a body scan, starting from your head to your toes.  Are you stressed or relaxed, comfortable or uncomfortable? Now you can ask yourself questions such as what are you missing, and what could help get you what you need right now?

4. Practice acceptance.  These uncertain times may cause us to ruminate, which means obsessing over events in unproductive ways.  Having acceptance over our situation can help us preserve energy, and help us focus on what we are in control over right now i.e. shifting our thoughts, taking deep breaths, focusing on the things around us, making a list of things to do.

5. Have structure, balance, and boundaries.  This can increase our motivation.  This could look like taking care of hygiene needs each day, deciding for yourself how much you are willing to socialize in quarantine, having a consistent bed time.

Healthy Woman
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