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Mental Health Therapy Services in Los Angeles, California

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All mental health services will be provided through telehealth until safe to continue services in person.  At Snow in Summer Psychotherapy, HIPAA compliant telehealth for mental health services are used for your privacy and protection.  ART sessions also available through telehealth.


Support Group Session

Our mental health is a journey and a process.  When we give ourselves care, attention, and when we harness our resiliency; we allow ourselves to blossom and grow in unexpected times and places.

Fragile Pampas
snow white flower is the Snow in-Summer

Therapy works if you work it.

If you're struggling with life transitions, depression, anxiety, panic, crises, identity issues, interpersonal conflicts, grief and loss, healing from trauma, and if you're not sure about what you want yet, Snow in Summer Psychotherapy offers a free 15 minutes pre-consultation.  Please call or email to inquire about this option.



Trauma Focused Care

We are data driven: After gathering baseline data in our initial session, we continue to gather data through assessments and checklists.  This will help us to further inform our treatment progress.  We use a variety of therapeutic methods (read more in the ABOUT ME section) including CBT and psychodynamic therapy to give the best care we can.  Overall, we believe that our attachment and relationship is pivotal to creating change together. Our
goals are to help you feel safe, heard, and understood as we embark on the therapy journey together.

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